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beard-pacNo one knows when this beloved fall event started, but it’s original purpose was to skip shaving during this special month to allow extra study time for college students during the end of the semester.  Over the years it has spread off of college campuses and on to the  main stream media encouraging all to participate in this very hairy time of the year. Most believe is was just a male tradition but actually it is believed to have started from females not want to shave their legs during the winter months to save a few minute to study. This is believe because most guys given extra time in the morning would use it to sleep the focus on academic studies.

Today “No shave November” is held high in the eyes of our world and encouraged by all to break free of their mundane lifestyle for a fun filled month of  rebellion from razors. Keep up this tradition by encouraging those that don’t have facial hair to let those few lonely follicles to peak through for a few weeks. Have a happy No Shave Novemeber!!!